Creating an image on a piece of metal, etching it, inking it, and then printing it on paper may sound like a simple process but the medium is full of surprises that keep me coming back and exploring further. I may start out as the "art director" when creating an image, but the printmaking process encourages a dialog with the metal and the acid. The metal has the final say when it's in contact with grounds, acids, rosin, ink, toner, etc.
My recent prints, and particularly my artist's books, have addressed the idea of maps and travel. I go places in my car and look at google maps before I leave to find out the best route; I listen to my phone tell me how to get places; or follow the gps in the car. But I still go back to paper maps with the worn out folds and rips because I like the way they fold up and I like the tactile quality of the paper. I remember my father tracing routes along paper maps for family trips. Follow the map and keep going is an ongoing series that explores the idea of travel and maps.